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Professional Makeup Artist

Get Your Makeup Done By A
Professional Makeup Artist

When you have a special occasion and want to shine, getting your makeup done professionally is a good idea. If you are in need of a a professional makeup artist in Huntington Beach, contact the ladies at The Blow Down. Our group of experienced makeup artists work with clients to create the perfect look but when you come in, make sure you follow these tips.

  1. Don’t get waxed the same day

If you have a special event, make sure not to get your eyebrows or other facial waxing on the same day of the event. Waxing makes your skin red and sensitive and also makes it difficult for foundation to adhere to the skin.

  1. Don’t get spray tanned on your face

Moisturizer or primer can break down your tan. When you spray tan your face and the put makeup on it, it can look unevenly tanned which defeats the purpose of both the tan and the makeup application.

  1. Don’t watch the process

One of the most important tips for getting your makeup done by a professional, is don’t watch while your makeup is being applied. Trust in your makeup artist. He or she has a plan for your face that includes all of the parts of your face. If you judge your look as its being applied, you are interfering with the whole look. Getting your makeup done is a treat. Sit back and relax and let your makeup artist do their job. They can always make small adjustments at the end if needed.

  1. Bring a picture of what you want

You and your makeup artist might have different ideas of what different makeup terms mean. For example, if you ask for a smoky eye, it could be a lot darker or not dark enough. Don’t assume your makeup artist has the same idea that you do. Bring in an example of what you want so you can communicate effectively, be on the same page and get the look you want.

  1. Don’t be afraid of lashes

Some women think that fake lashes is over the top but if you are going to a special occasion where you are getting pictures taken, fake lashes will really make your eyes pop!

If you are looking for a professional makeup artist in Huntington Beach CA, head down to The Blow Down where the motto is, getting ready for the party is part of the party!!

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