Should I Get A Keratin Complex Treatment?

The Keratin Complex Treatment Low Down With The Blow Down!

Keratin Complex, you’ve heard your stylist mention it but you aren’t sure it’s right for you.


Keratin Complex is an in salon treatment that will repair hair, eliminate frizz, increase manageability, and leaves your hair so soft and shiny! Keratin Complex also helps to lock in your color when you get it done after your color service. Booked your color after your Keratin Complex Treatment? No worries! We suggest waiting two weeks after your treatment for color.

We offer an Express Keratin Complex Treatment, The Original Keratin Complex Treatment, and The Personalized Blowout Keratin Complex.

The Express Keratin Complex Treatment gives you 6 weeks worth of softer, frizz free, smooth, shiny hair! with a next day wash and no process time, this quick service is great intro to Keratin Complex.

The Original Keratin Complex Treatment gives you all the great benefits of the Express Keratin Treatment and lasts up to 5 months! The Original Keratin Complex Treatment requires no wetting your hair for 72 hours but, with such shine and manageability you won’t even want to wash your hair!

The Personalized Blowout is an amazing treatment for our curly haired gals! This treatment gives you soft, defined curls without the frizz for up to 3 months!

With so many options there’s no reason to not get a Keratin Complex Treatment!

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