How To Maintain Your Blowout

Picture it…you come on down to The Blow Down, you get a great blowout.

You. Look. Bomb.

Now you have to go to bed and you have no idea how to keep that blowout looking bomb tomorrow morning!

Don’t stress…just grab a glass of champagne, Amika Dry Shampoo, a soft scrunchie, and The Blow Down Shower Cap.

Step 1: Before you do your bedtime skincare routine… Apply your Amika dry Shampoo to your hairline. You’re going to want to spray underneath in the back of your head around your hairline as well.  (Don’t be afraid to get up in there girl!)

Step 2: Sip Champagne.

Step 3: Shake that hair! Rub your hands together and get those palms nice and warm. You are going to use your warm hands to break up that powder and spread it throughout your roots. (Think of this motion like you’re going to give yourself a great head massage.)

Step 4: Big sip of champagne.

Step 5: Grab your hair as if you’re going to put it in a low ponytail. Twist that hair so that it starts wanting to form a bun. Use your scrunchie to loosely hold your bun in place.

Step 6: Put your The Blow Down Shower Cap on and you’re all set!

Now finish up that champagne and live your best life girl!

XO – The Blow Down




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